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I find it personally fulfilling to work with a client prior to retirement and then watch as they retire with confi­dence. They have put a plan together and now they can enjoy the next phase of their life.

Richard joined Rodgers & Associates in 2019. His career in finance began in 2007 working with Bankers Life Insurance Company. He worked in the banking and investment industry as a Regional Bank Private Banker for Wells Fargo and later as a Financial Solutions Advisor with Merrill Edge. In the banking industry, he regularly met customers who needed help with their finances, and was limited in the help he could provide as a banker. That inspired him to take the next step and become a financial adviser. He chose Rodgers & Associates because the culture encourages advisers with different backgrounds to pool their knowledge as a team. This culture creates a tremendous resource for Rich and the clients he advises.

Rich believes many people overlook the emotional part of the transition to retirement. A retiree will spend 30 or more years working and then must adjust to a new schedule without the personal inter­ac­tions, routine, and sense of purpose that came with their career. Having a fulfilling purpose during retirement is just as important as having a financial plan. Helping clients find their new sense of purpose is one of the reasons Rich decided to specialize in retirement planning. He also finds it inter­esting to stay current on the tax code, the economy and investment markets, which are always changing. Rich recog­nizes that fewer pensions means that the burden of retirement savings is largely on employees. As a retirement specialist, Rich knows the impor­tance of saving tax-efficiently and guides his clients to a balanced, tax-efficient retirement.

Rich graduated from West Chester University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management. He lives in Downingtown with his wife Sarah and his two sons, Logan and Alexander. He enjoys meeting new people and trying to get to know them better. When he is not helping clients transition to retirement, he enjoys biking, skiing and golfing.

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