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The Trifecta in Roth IRAs

Lee Pelko

Improve your odds of achieving financial indepen­dence by inves­ti­gating these strategies now.

Are We Ready for a National Sales Tax?

Rick Rodgers

The recent IRS scandal might end up having unintended conse­quences — a national sales tax. A switch from taxing income to taxing consumption could mean the end of the IRS altogether. A sales…

Hardship Withdrawals – What are the Real Costs?

Rick Rodgers

The victims of Hurricane Sandy may have thought they were receiving help from an unusual source – the IRS. Last year the IRS Announcement 2012–44 granted relief in the form…

Reducing Taxes on an Inherited IRA

Rick Rodgers

Have you recently inherited an IRA account? Did you know that the IRD deduction may help reduce the income tax you owe on taxable distri­b­u­tions? Income in respect of a decedent…

Strategies to Manage the Taxation of Social Security

Rick Rodgers

Last week I talked about the double taxation of dividends. Corpo­ra­tions pay tax on their earnings which are taxed a second time when they are distributed to the share­holder as dividends. The…

Should You Buy Pet Insurance?

Rick Rodgers

A client recently told me about an incident that happened with their six-month old boxer. The dog had suffered a broken leg and was treated at the University Of Pennsyl­vania School…

What To Do When a Relative Passes Away

Rick Rodgers

When my father died a few years ago my mother was overwhelmed by the many details that needed to be attended to during such an emotional time. My Mom was fortunate…

Do You Hold Title Correctly for Your Real Estate?

Rick Rodgers

Property title questions during financial planning inter­views often draw blank stares. Yet, under­standing the differ­ences among tenants-in-common, joint tenancy and community property is important for creditor protection issues, estate planning,…

When Is Your Beneficiary Not Your Beneficiary?

Rick Rodgers

A man enrolled in his company’s 401(k) plan and named his wife as the sole benefi­ciary of his account. Years later, his wife died and the worker updated his account to…

Helping or Spoiling?

Rick Rodgers

That’s the question a parent must ponder when an adult child asks for financial assis­tance. One of the greatest parts of being a parent occurs when you become a grand­parent. So, it is…

Consolidating Employer Retirement Accounts

Rick Rodgers

The average American will hold 11 jobs between the ages of 18 and 62, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2010). When you start a new job, you probably remember…