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History of Lancaster

Historian Randolph Harris of Lancaster will highlight the rise of aboli­tionism and anti-slavery activism in South­eastern Pennsyl­vania, from about 1780 through 1860, focusing on people and places with authentic connec­tions to events that gave rise to the movement that came to be known by the 1830’s as the Under­ground Railroad. The presen­tation also will explore the concept of the ongoing efforts by many groups and individuals to develop a multi-site, regional heritage tourism desti­nation in which Lancaster can be a key component. With US national history prior to the Civil War as context, the presen­tation focuses on the counties along the Mason-Dixon Line, from Franklin County to Philadelphia, with the Lancaster and the Lower Susque­hanna River Valley as the central focus. This route takes in the west to east path taken by thousands of freedom seekers who generally were drawn to Philadelphia and points north. Among the places illus­trated in the presen­tation are historic properties recog­nized by the National Park Service as authentic sites associated with the Under­ground Railroad where some of the earliest and most nationally signif­icant episodes of resis­tance occurred against the insti­tution of slavery.

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