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Medicare Part D: What to Look for When Evaluating & Comparing Plan Options

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A Prescription Drug Plan (PDP) determines how much you’ll have to pay for prescription drugs year to year.

Understanding What Your Annuity Payout Options Are

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The maturity of the annuity at age 85 may actually be a gift to annuity owners to further contemplate their exit strategy of this tax deferred investment.

Federal Tax Credits for Health Insurance Under Legal Scrutiny

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Anyone shopping for healthcare coverage on the federal exchange will need to pay close attention to this ruling.

2 Possible Ways To Lower Your 2015 Health Insurance Premiums

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Investigate available tax incentives and possibly adjust your taxable investment income accounts.

5 Ways to Minimize Your Retirement Income and Maximize Health Insurance Tax Credits

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High and low income taxpayers alike can cash in on the savings.

Retiring Early? Maybe the ACA Can Help

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The Affordable Care Act (ACA) may provide an opportunity to make early retirement a possibility.

Should You Bundle Your Insurance Coverages?

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It can save you time.

Review Your Options During Medicare’s Open Enrollment

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It is a good idea to check out what’s new.

Do You Need Long Term Care Insurance?

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There is no simple solution to this issue.

What If Your Life Insurance Needs Have Changed?

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…and what about long-term care insurance?

Who Needs an Umbrella Insurance Policy?

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Many types of events can trigger the need for this type of insurance coverage.

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