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Lee Pelko

“It would be great if retirees instinctively knew whether they’ve missed investment or tax opportunities or if their estate plan is flawed. But until that happens, my job is to uncover those hidden financial landmines and resolve any dilemmas before they unravel into unintended predicaments.”

Lee Pelko

Lee Pelko, CFP®, CRPC® has been a Rodgers & Associates financial adviser since 2004. In 2015, she assumed the responsibility of Lead Financial Adviser at the firm based on her depth of knowledge and experience with complex retirement issues. She specializes in transitioning high-net-worth clients into retirement by creating efficient tax and estate strategies in addition to asset management services. Before her tenure at the firm, she was previously employed at Miller & Miller CPAs and began her finance career in 1992 as a tax adviser for H&R Block.

Lee often conducts financial seminars throughout Lancaster County. She works with a variety of civic and professional institutions. She currently serves on the Investment Committee of the United Disabilities Foundation. She previously served the community as a Board member of the United Disabilities Foundation, a member of the Lancaster Hospice and Community Care Planned Giving Council and as a student mentor thru the Lilly Endowment Theological School Initiative to address Economic Challenges Facing Future Ministers (ECFFM) at the Lancaster Theological Seminary. As an active member of the FPA (Financial Planning Association) and NAPFA (National Association of Personal Financial Advisors) she is engaged in continuous education and collaboration among her peers.

A classically trained pianist, Lee resides with her husband in Lancaster County.

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