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I believe people face a signif­icant challenge when transi­tioning from working to retirement. Hearing stories about clients who are living their dreams with confi­dence because they have an expert financial team on their side is very fulfilling.

Ashley joined Rodgers & Associates in 2018 to become a financial adviser because it allowed her to use her problem-solving skills while helping people navigate all of the moving pieces and critical decision points during retirement. She never wants to see someone miss a major piece of the retirement puzzle that could prevent them from reaching their retirement goals.

Ashley loves the fact that Rodgers & Associates specializes in retirement planning. The team environment is collab­o­rative, supportive, and provides the oppor­tunity to share experi­ences and knowledge. She was surprised that so few advisers specialize in this critical area of financial planning. There are millions of people in this stage of life, yet there is a deficiency of advisers who have the skills to manage and implement all aspects of a retiree’s financial picture. As a child, she remem­bered older family members talking about the obstacles they faced in retirement. This inspired her decision to specialize in retirement planning so she could help people navigate the road to retirement and avoid facing the worries and stresses of uncertainty.

Ashley graduated from Temple University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Admin­is­tration. She majored in Financial Planning and minored in Psychology.

Ashley is origi­nally from Montgomery County, PA and moved to Lancaster when she joined the firm. When she’s not building retirement plans for clients, she enjoys exploring downtown Lancaster, taking photos, and visiting friends in Philadelphia. She has played lacrosse throughout her life and stays active by running and snowboarding.

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