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We are fee-only financial advisers who focus on helping you become finan­cially independent for retirement. Together, we specialize in the needs of high-net worth investors and provide ongoing guidance that puts your interests first.

Learn about our approach

We know retirement is about far more than finances.

That’s why our approach considers all aspects of your life as we create and implement your unique plan together. 

What We Provide

Tailored insight along your journey

We view retirement in five distinct phases, which we call AGILE. In each phase, we help you navigate critical decisions and milestones on your path to reaching your goals. 

Services for every stage of retirement

We address your financial and personal consid­er­a­tions through a range of coordi­nated services, including investment management, social security guidance, estate planning, and healthcare advice. 

Our process

The CFP seven-step financial planning process guides our partnership, but we also uncover oppor­tu­nities aimed to minimize taxes, risk, and expenses as we protect your wealth.

Assisting Clients In and Approaching Retirement

Our team of profes­sionals and Certified Financial Planners™ serves clients in and around Central Pennsyl­vania as well as across the country.

About Rodgers & Associates
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Not sure where to start?

Select your place in your retirement journey and see what you should be considering along the way.

  1. Assess Your Goals

    10 years before retirement

    Develop a compre­hensive plan to help ensure you will reach financial indepen­dence tax efficiently.

    Learn about phase 1 →
  2. Get Ready

    2–9 years before retirement

    Reach a solid financial position through a disci­plined approach to managing changes in the years leading up to retirement.

    Learn about phase 2 →
  3. Implement the Plan

    1 year before and into retirement

    Transition to financial indepen­dence and fine-tune your plan to prepare for post-retirement taxes and healthcare.

    Learn about phase 3 →
  4. Live the Dream

    In retirement

    Stay focused on decisions related to taxes, Social Security, and invest­ments to help ensure your savings last.

    Learn about phase 4 →
  5. Embrace Family & Legacy

    Beyond retirement

    Take an active role in teaching the next gener­ation how to handle wealth and the respon­si­bility that comes with it.

    Learn about phase 5 →

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