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Five Things to Know After You Retire

Planning for retirement doesn’t stop when you retire. In this ebook, we break down five important considerations—from how to get the most out of Social Security benefits, to the impor­tance of passing on what you’ve learned, to why a great retirement might actually mean continuing to work.

five things to know after you retire

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In this guide, we’ll cover:

Timing Social Security

Deter­mining the best time to start collecting Social Security isn’t as straight­forward as you might think. We’ll look at the impor­tance of marital status, employment status, and retirement income taxes. 

Protecting retirement income from taxes

We all know it’s important to diversify our investments—but have you thought about diver­si­fying your taxes? Learn the impor­tance of investing in a balanced mix of taxable, tax-deferred, and tax-free assets. 

Prioritizing your health

If you spent your profes­sional years meaning to exercise more, eat healthier, or get better sleep, now’s the time to commit. Even a few simple changes now can make a big difference for the rest of your retired life. 

Finding purpose during retirement

Many people fantasize of retiring into full-time leisure, but quickly realize it’s not as fulfilling as they dreamed. We’ll discuss finding a sense of meaning through volun­teering, mentoring, building friendships—and even going back to work.

Embracing family and legacy

While many people focus on passing on wealth to their children, it’s easy to forget that passing on wisdom, principles, and values is even more important. But a little inten­tion­ality can go a long way.

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