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Traditional IRAs Are Not Like Other Assets in Your Estate. Here’s Why.

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Traditional IRAs are subject to a unique set of complex rules. Here are 6 significant differences between IRAs and other financial assets.

Should Your Child or Grandchild Have a Roth IRA?

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While retirement might not be a high priority for young children, starting a Roth IRA early and making small contributions can go a long way over time.

Review Your Social Security Records

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By accessing your Social Security records online, you can verify that your benefit information is correct, update information, and receive information on estimated benefits based on your anticipated retirement date.

Why is Time-Weighted Return a Good Way to Track Performance in Retirement?

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Learn why we use time-weighted return as a reporting metric and see how it gives you an accurate picture of portfolio changes over time.

In Successful Wealth Transfers, Trust May Be More Important than Trusts

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Why do the majority of wealth transfers fail? Learn how to have the right conversations with your heirs now so they can learn how to properly manage their inheritance.

Is a Loan from my 401(k) a Good Idea?

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While it can be tempting to borrow from your 401(k) in the event of an emergency, it’s important to consider the impact of reducing the balance of your retirement plan.

The Alternative Minimum Tax and Form 6251

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Get familiar with the Alternative Minimum Tax and learn what triggers this part of the tax code.

Converting Paper U.S. Savings Bonds to Electronic Format

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Converting your paper savings bonds to an electronic format allows you to access their current rate and value, which is especially important as you plan for retirement.

Reporting to Credit Agencies after Death

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Managing finances as a recent widow or widower is a hard but necessary task. Rodgers and Associates can provide the help needed to make the transition easier.

The Presidential Election Cycle Theory is Just Another Guess

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The Presidential Election Cycle Theory states the stock market is weakest in year one of a presidential term and then improves. Is it a theory you can rely on?

Are You Missing Out on These 3 Common Tax Strategies for Retirees?

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There are a few tax strategies for retirees that could increase your refund or at least help to trim the tax you owe.

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