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Expert Financial Guidance and Advice

We have one service: helping our clients become finan­cially independent for retirement.

While we specialize in navigating the many financial decisions our clients face, our services also address retirees’ lifestyle and personal considerations.

Partners in Your Retirement Journey

When you have questions about retirement, we’re here to help. Through regular check-ins with our clients, we under­stand their financial and personal lives, and make recom­men­da­tions that can streamline their retirement years.

  • Financial Planning & Monitoring 

    We will get your financial plan shaped up for the future and make sure it evolves with you. This starts by taking an inventory of assets and creating a net worth statement. Then, we clarify your cash-flow outlook to make sure you are on track to reach your personal goals. Whether you are thinking of buying a vacation home or making a gift to your children, we will help you weigh the tax impli­ca­tions and long-term effects on your financial security.

  • Investment Management 

    We manage your invest­ments within the context of your financial goals and consider all the resources available for reaching those goals. Gener­ating income in retirement requires a different approach than just owning a diver­sified retirement portfolio. Our strategy utilizes techniques to provide retired clients with predictable income.

  • Social Security Guidance 

    The impor­tance of Social Security benefits to today’s retirees cannot be under­stated. Many factors impact the decision of when to begin benefits. There are special rules for divorcees and widows/widowers that must be considered. However, we have the skills to analyze multiple strategies and know-how to get to the right answer for each person.

    Maximizing Social Security
  • Healthcare Advice 

    Healthcare can be a confusing maze to navigate for retirees. Medicare is a valuable source of health insurance for retirees who are 65 or older, but what if you aren’t eligible? Medicare coverage alone may not be enough. Fortu­nately, we have been through the maze many times and are here to help clients make the choice that’s right for them.

    Healthcare in Retirement
  • Tax Minimization 

    Retirees have many options to save on taxes if retirement savings have been well planned. We wrote the book on tax-efficient retirement. Our unique New Three-Legged Stool™ strategy provides flexi­bility with retirement savings so income taxes can be minimized. We provide ongoing tax strategies to minimize taxes each year along with a long-term strategy to save taxes in the future.

  • Lifestyle Planning 

    There are many issues to consider when making lifestyle choices in retirement. We help clients make smart choices when it comes to where to live. Whether to “age in place” or utilize a Continuing Care Retirement Community (CCRC). Our extensive experience guiding clients through this decision is valuable when it comes time to choose the right community.

    Deciding Where to Live in Retirement
  • Estate Planning 

    There is no one-size-fits-all solution to planning an estate. Each situation is unique. We work together with a client’s attorney to pull together all the loose ends of their estate. Benefi­ciary desig­na­tions are verified and monitored to make sure every­thing works smoothly when it counts.

  • Charitable Planning & Giving 

    Motiva­tions for chari­table giving vary, but income tax usually plays a role in the timing and amount of gifts. Once a client decides they want to make a gift, our job is to help them give tax efficiently. The IRS has tightened rules for chari­table giving to prevent abuses. Our advisers under­stand the rules and can provide advice to make sure our clients can take advantage of the deduction.

Knowledge and experience when you need it most.

Our training and experience are first-class, and we are careful, disci­plined, and creative when building retirement plans for clients. All of our advisers hold a College of Financial Planning® desig­nation with most holding the Certified Financial Planner™ or CFP® desig­na­tions along with the Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor℠ or CRPC® desig­nation. The CRPC® program covers all aspects of the retirement process in a single compre­hensive program with no product or advising biases.

Here to serve all your retirement needs.

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