About Rodgers and Associates

About Rodgers & Associates

Your retirement is more than just life after your career. It’s your time to lead the lifestyle you want – for the rest of your life.

Retirement means becoming – and remaining – financially independent.

At Rodgers & Associates, we focus specifically on the needs and concerns of high-net-worth investors who are retired or expect to retire within five years.

We assist our clients in all aspects of investment, tax, risk management, retirement, and estate planning.

What You Can Expect From Us

You expect a retirement built just for you and your unique circumstances . . . and that’s what we deliver. Coordinating your investments, taxes, and estate plan is what makes us unique from sales reps and brokers. We believe this added value, coupled with our ongoing monitoring of your financial life, makes the difference between having peace of mind and succumbing to the financial stress that unpleasant surprises can bring.

Before we develop your wealth strategy, our financial planners dedicate a great deal of time doing something we believe so many sales reps and brokers stopped doing a long time ago:


Listening to your goals . . . your dreams and your financial situation. As we listen, we begin to understand what your vision is for your retirement. This understanding enables your Rodgers & Associates’ financial planner to build solutions that bring your vision to life. With a written plan in hand – and attention paid to any course corrections along the way – we implement and execute a strategy to move you toward your long-term financial goals.


How We Work

Ongoing Financial Advice

We provide our clients with ongoing advice and analysis. We establish a review schedule, usually once a quarter, and contact our clients to schedule their review for them. We consistently monitor the investments in our clients’ portfolios to make sure they continue to perform to our standards.

Investment Strategy

An integral part of any financial plan is a well-defined investment strategy. We help clients develop a strategy designed to provide the growth they need to reach their goals while minimizing risk. Developing the strategy is only the first step. It must be carefully monitored on an ongoing basis to assure it continues to meet the client’s goals. While investment performance is important, minimizing taxes and expenses should also be considered as part of the criteria.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Having a relationship with a Rodgers & Associates financial planner means you won’t need to worry that your investment decisions may surprise you at tax time. In addition to investment advice and asset management, you can count on us to provide objective tax planning and review as well as estate planning advice. We’ll also work with you to answer your questions regarding your insurance programs, debt management and refinancing options, charitable giving, planning for a child’s or grandchild’s education, or even whether to buy or lease your next vehicle.

Asset Protection

At Rodgers & Associates, all client assets are held by an independent custodian to ensure your safety. We never take possession of your money and currently use TD Ameritrade and Fidelity (both members of FINRA and SIPC) as our primary custodians.

Financial Risk Management

Our recommendations are based on clients’ goals and we build portfolios to meet those goals, minimizing risk where possible. Because we don’t accept commissions, we have no incentive to offer higher-risk products. We use bonds and CDs to seek to reduce volatility for our clients.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Our mission is to help you ensure retirement security.
  • We achieve this by assisting you in protecting and building your wealth
    through personalized financial planning and tax-efficient strategies.
  • We succeed by being independent, objective and unbiased.
  • We remember that our success is driven by yours.


WealthGuard Financial Planning ProcessRodgers & Associates is committed to helping our clients reach and maintain financial independence by guiding them through our process of making smart financial decisions. Reaching their goals becomes easier to realize when inefficiencies and growth opportunities are managed with WealthGuard, our proprietary six-point system.

Are We Right for You?

Our clients are discerning individuals and families seeking a long-term relationship with an independent adviser acting in their best interests.

You know you need to prepare for and protect your family’s financial future . . . Could a relationship with Rodgers & Associates be right for you?

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