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Disclosures and Privacy Policy


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Rodgers & Associates Privacy Policy Notice

This notice is being provided to you in accor­dance with the Securities and Exchange Commission’s rule regarding the privacy of consumer financial infor­mation (“Regulation S‑P”). Please take the time to read and under­stand the privacy policies and proce­dures that we have imple­mented to safeguard your nonpublic personal infor­mation. At Rodgers & Associates (“R&A”), protecting your privacy is our top priority. When you work with a financial service profes­sional, you may share highly personal infor­mation which may be critical to providing superior products and service. Therefore, at R&A, we under­stand our oblig­ation to keep infor­mation about you secure and confi­dential. We will inform you of our policies for collecting using, securing, and sharing your nonpublic personal infor­mation (“Customer Infor­mation”) the first time we do business and every year that you remain a customer with us.

The following infor­mation describes our policies and proce­dures for handling your personal financial information.

Information We Collect

We collect and use various types of infor­mation we believe is necessary to admin­ister our business and to offer you the best possible customer service. Customer Infor­mation we collect is catego­rized into the following types: (1) infor­mation we receive from you on appli­ca­tions, or on other forms, through telephone or in-person inter­views, such as your name address, phone number, social security number; your assets, income and other household infor­mation; (2) infor­mation about your trans­ac­tions and account experience with us or others, such as your account balance, trans­action history; (3) infor­mation from consumer reporting agencies, such as infor­mation regarding your credit­wor­thiness or credit history; (4) other general infor­mation we obtain about you that is not assembled for the purpose of opening an account or offering certain products or services that you may request, such as demographic information.

Information We Share

We may disclose your non-public personal infor­mation as part of servicing and maintaining your policy, contract or account, and/or for other purposes as permitted or required by law. In the normal course of business, we may share personal infor­mation with persons or entities involved in servicing and admin­is­tering products and services on our behalf.

These could include: your agent or broker, insurance companies, consumer reporting agencies, firms assisting in admin­is­tration of policies and claims, companies that perform marketing services on our behalf or other financial insti­tu­tions with whom we have joint marketing agree­ments, and other service providers and affil­iates assisting us.

We may also disclose any of the types of Customer Infor­mation to other organi­za­tions under certain condi­tions as permitted by law. These may include: (1) a disclosure in connection with a subpoena or similar legal process; (2) a fraud inves­ti­gation; (3) recording of deeds of trust and mortgages in public records; (4) an audit or exami­nation; and (5) the sale of your account to another financial institution.

We will NOT disclose personal infor­mation about current or former customers to non-affiliated third parties, except as permitted by law, and we do NOT sell any personal infor­mation about you to any third party.

Protection and Confidentiality of Information

We educate our employees about the impor­tance of protecting the privacy and security of confi­dential personal infor­mation. Additionally, we maintain physical, electronic and proce­dural safeguards that comply with federal and state regula­tions to guard your personal information.

Updating Our Privacy Policy

We will provide notice of our privacy policy annually, as long as you maintain an ongoing relationship with us. We will also update our policies and proce­dures when necessary to ensure that your privacy is maintained and that we conduct our business in a way that fulfills our commitment to you. If we make any material changes in our privacy policy, we will provide our customers with an updated notice.

Please Contact Us with Any Questions

We under­stand the need to safeguard the personal infor­mation that you disclose to us, and we have an estab­lished tradition of discretion and respect for our customers’ privacy. We reinforce this daily in the way we routinely handle sensitive client infor­mation as part of our normal business opera­tions. If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please contact us at (717) 560‑3800.