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Social Security Timing

Tiffany Leherr

When should you start drawing Social Security income? We’ll help you maximize this retirement benefit on this edition of Project Wealth.

Medicare Premiums

Christopher Hershey

Did you know not everyone pays the same monthly premiums for medicare? On this edition of Project Wealth, Chris Hershey explains how to plan your your finances to lower Medicare…

Understanding 403(b) and 457(b) Plans

Rick Rodgers

Public-sector and non-profit organi­za­tions don’t offer 401(k) plans for their employees to defer income until retirement. However, tax-exempt and non-profit organi­za­tions like schools, hospitals, and religious groups can offer another…

Volatility is Not a Bad Thing. Learn to Embrace It.

Rick Rodgers

I recently came across an article titled “Stock Market’s Soaring Volatility Mirrors 1987 Crash.” Yikes! Does this mean another crash is coming? The article stops short of predicting a crash. It…

6 Reasons to File an Amended Tax Return

Rick Rodgers

You probably just finished filing your tax return for 2018 and you’re thankful that it’s done for another year. The last thing you want to think about now is amending…

Non-Profit Pledge Obligations: What You Need to Know

Rick Rodgers

Your favorite non-profit is running a capital campaign. They approach you for support asking for an amount larger than you are willing to write a check for today. No problem. You can…