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Should I Consult with a Financial Adviser?

Making smart financial decisions helps us navigate the tension between living in the present and planning for the future. Finding this equilibrium can be challenging, however, given the trade-offs between experi­encing something now and forgoing something later (and vice versa).

You might find yourself weighing questions like: Should I take a special family vacation or invest for retirement? Is now the right time for home renova­tions? What can I afford to spend on my daughter’s wedding without jeopar­dizing my other prior­ities? When should I plan to make legacy gifts?

Careful planning brings confi­dence to these types of decisions, and a financial adviser can help. When consid­ering whether you should consult with an adviser, consider these three factors:

Time: Do you have consistent free time to allocate toward financial planning and investment decisions?

Willingness: Do you want to be the one overseeing your total financial picture?

Ability: Do you have the education, expertise, and experience to make smart financial and investment

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, you might want to consider speaking with a financial adviser about your situation. An adviser can partner with you to create strategies for pursuing both your short and long-term goals. Having an advocate in your family’s corner can help you stay objective and disci­plined. Planning and prior­i­ti­zation can help you strike a healthy balance between planning for today and preparing for tomorrow.

At Rodgers & Associates, our mission is to help clients become finan­cially independent for retirement. We enjoy walking alongside individuals and families as they transition through the different phases of retirement. We’re here to help if you’re navigating the tension between living in the moment and antic­i­pating the future.