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Go On a Treasure Hunt: Claim Back Your Own Assets

Have you ever wondered what happened to that individual stock you owned 20 years ago and lost track of? Or maybe you closed out an account five years ago, and the bank never sent you the balance. It’s time to go treasure hunting.

The Pennsyl­vania Treasury provides a simple way to search for lost assets that belong to you at patreasury​.gov. According to the treasury, it receives hundreds of millions of dollars in unclaimed property every year.

Simply go to the unclaimed property page, click the “search now” button, enter the necessary infor­mation (at least a last name or company name), and see if any long-lost treasures turn up. You’ll be surprised at what you might find. (I have found multiple items myself.) Help a friend or family member search for lost assets too.

If your search returns any property, the process for claiming it is straight­forward. Click the “add” button next to the item you’re claiming, click “claim properties in my cart,” and complete the rest of the checkout process. At the end, the site will generate a PDF for you to fill out and send back along with any required documen­tation. You have the option to upload the form or print and mail it back. By clicking on “claim status,” you can upload documents and check the status of your claim.

Happy treasure hunting!