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Five Things to Know Before You Retire

Retirement is a journey that starts long before your last day of work. Learn 5 ways to help make the transition seamless by taking control of your finances now—and planning for a worry-free future.

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five things to know before you retire

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What’s included in this guide

1. Maximizing Social Security

See when to start taking benefits, find out how means-testing may affect you, and under­stand the financial challenges facing the future of Social Security.

2. Understanding the Prudent Withdrawal Rate

How much should you withdraw from your retirement portfolio? See why using “The 4% Rule” has been considered a best practice for decades and learn when to make adjustments.

3. Finding Your Purpose in Retirement

Retirement is about more than finances. From learning about time management to navigating family dynamics, get advice beyond your portfolio.

4. Decoding Medicare Benefits

Healthcare costs can add up for today’s retirees. Take a closer look at projected costs and under­stand why tax-efficiency could be a good strategy.

5. Calculating your “number”

We often think about retirement savings, but what you spend in retirement is just as critical. Discover the impor­tance of calcu­lating your “number” and sticking to an appro­priate budget.

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