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Phase 2

2–9 years before retirement 

Get Ready

Getting ready for retirement is probably one of the biggest financial challenges you will face, but there is still enough time to prepare.

During this phase, you will need to stay disci­plined at working your plan and assessing your savings and spending projec­tions to stay on track. Major life changes, tax law changes, and retirement regula­tions could also impact your plan. Here are the important issues to address as you get closer to retirement:

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  1. Assess Your Goals

    10 years before retirement

    Develop a compre­hensive plan to help ensure you will reach financial indepen­dence tax efficiently.

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  2. Get Ready

    2–9 years before retirement

    Reach a solid financial position through a disci­plined approach to managing changes in the years leading up to retirement.

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  3. Implement the Plan

    1 year before and into retirement

    Transition to financial indepen­dence and fine-tune your plan to prepare for post-retirement taxes and healthcare.

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  4. Live the Dream

    In retirement

    Stay focused on decisions related to taxes, Social Security, and invest­ments to help ensure your savings last.

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  5. Embrace Family & Legacy

    Beyond retirement

    Take an active role in teaching the next gener­ation how to handle wealth and the respon­si­bility that comes with it.

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