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Phase 5

Looking beyond retirement

Embrace Family and Legacy

Is a life well-lived measured by the size of our investment accounts and how much property we acquire? Or is it measured by the strength of our relation­ships with others?

After we are gone, our wisdom and experi­ences are gone with us unless effort is taken to pass them on to our loved ones. We need to teach the next gener­ation about how we acquired our wealth and the respon­si­bil­ities that go with inher­iting that wealth. When thinking about your legacy, here’s what to consider:

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Create a lasting legacy

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  1. Assess Your Goals

    10 years before retirement

    Develop a compre­hensive plan to help ensure you will reach financial indepen­dence tax efficiently.

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  2. Get Ready

    2–9 years before retirement

    Reach a solid financial position through a disci­plined approach to managing changes in the years leading up to retirement.

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  3. Implement the Plan

    1 year before and into retirement

    Transition to financial indepen­dence and fine-tune your plan to prepare for post-retirement taxes and healthcare.

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  4. Live the Dream

    In retirement

    Stay focused on decisions related to taxes, Social Security, and invest­ments to help ensure your savings last.

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  5. Embrace Family & Legacy

    Beyond retirement

    Take an active role in teaching the next gener­ation how to handle wealth and the respon­si­bility that comes with it.

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