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Phase 4

In retirement

Live the Dream

Being retired is about financial indepen­dence, not aging or even giving up working. There were probably times that you wanted to do something but couldn’t because you didn’t have time. You were too busy working to earn income.

In this phase, your hard work and diligent saving have paid off, you now have both time and the money to focus on what matters most to you. This doesn’t mean you can relax without a care in the world. There are plenty of uncer­tainties ahead. Here are important issues to address:

  1. Retire Right: The Critical Impor­tance of Tax Efficient Withdrawal Strategies to Portfolio Longevity, by William Reichen­stein, Social Security Analyzer, 2019 
  2. Deter­mining Withdrawal Rates Using Historical Data, by William Bengen, Journal of Financial Planning, October 1994 
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Live your best retired life.

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  1. Assess Your Goals

    10 years before retirement

    Develop a compre­hensive plan to help ensure you will reach financial indepen­dence tax efficiently.

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  2. Get Ready

    2–9 years before retirement

    Reach a solid financial position through a disci­plined approach to managing changes in the years leading up to retirement.

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  3. Implement the Plan

    1 year before and into retirement

    Transition to financial indepen­dence and fine-tune your plan to prepare for post-retirement taxes and healthcare.

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  4. Live the Dream

    In retirement

    Stay focused on decisions related to taxes, Social Security, and invest­ments to help ensure your savings last.

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  5. Embrace Family & Legacy

    Beyond retirement

    Take an active role in teaching the next gener­ation how to handle wealth and the respon­si­bility that comes with it.

    Learn about phase 5 →