Gabrielle Gioia - Rodgers & Associates

Gabrielle Gioia, CFP®, CRPC®

Certified Financial Planner™ Professional

Relieving a client’s stress about retirement is one of the most fulfilling aspects of financial planning for me. I enjoy working with the team at Rodgers & Associates because of the firm’s open commu­ni­cation and drive to see clients reach their goals.

Gabrielle joined Rodgers & Associates in 2019 after gradu­ating with a bachelor’s degree in Business Admin­is­tration from Temple University. She majored in Financial Planning and minored in Marketing and Economics. Before college, she wanted to become a teacher. However, she realized that a career as an adviser would allow her to educate clients while analyzing data to create a unique plan.

Gabrielle believes it is challenging for people to transition into retirement because this also repre­sents a transition for their money. Now their money needs to work for them safely and tax efficiently. The process followed by Rodgers & Associates helps clients feel comfortable about their financial plan so they can concen­trate on finding things they enjoy like traveling or new hobbies. There are many aspects of retirement planning, such as tax planning and estate planning. When Gabrielle’s grand­mother passed away, she realized the impor­tance of having a plan in place and how lacking a legacy plan can put unwanted stress on a grieving family.

Gabrielle passed the CFP® Certi­fi­cation Exami­nation in 2020. In her free time you might find her reading, watching the Philadelphia Eagles, or spending time with her nieces and nephews. She enjoys summer vacations with her family which usually include amusement rides and trips to the beach.

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