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Jeremie Patrick, CFP®, CRPC®

Certified Financial Planner™ Professional

jeremie patrick

Since I started at the firm, I’ve enjoyed guiding clients and being their trusted retirement resource. The most fulfilling aspect of my work as an adviser is being able to sit across the table from a couple who has worked hard in their careers and tell them, based on their financial plan, they are able to retire and meet their goals.

Jeremie joined Rodgers & Associates in 2016 after working for a Regis­tered Investment Adviser in York, PA. He became a financial adviser to merge his two passions: helping others and working with invest­ments. Teamwork is what initially attracted him to Rodgers & Associates. Everyone is willing to pitch in and help each other in so many ways. Since he started at the firm, Jeremie has enjoyed guiding clients and being their trusted retirement resource.

Jeremie feels one of the biggest challenges for retirees is taxes. During their working career, an individual’s employer handles the appro­priate amount of tax withholding. In retirement, that respon­si­bility falls on the individual. Without an under­standing of the tax code, they could miss out on oppor­tu­nities and end up paying more taxes than needed. One of his biggest surprises in this profession is how quickly things change, and how many of these changes affect retirees, from new tax laws to changes in IRA rules. As an adviser who under­stands the impor­tance of tax-efficient retirement planning, Jeremie helps his clients stay on top of changes in order to minimize taxes year after year.

Jeremie graduated from Shippensburg University of Pennsyl­vania with a bachelor’s degree in finance and a concen­tration in personal financial planning. While at Shippensburg, he was part of a team that managed the University’s Wisman Fund. When he is not working on retirement plans for clients, he and his wife Hailey enjoy taking day trips across the East Coast to see and learn about historical buildings.

Jeremie is involved in industry organi­za­tions, including the Financial Planning Associ­ation®, and joined the board of the FPA® of Central Pennsyl­vania in 2018. He’s also involved in local organi­za­tions, including the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce. Jeremie resides in Lancaster and enjoys staying active.

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