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Life Insurance

Patrick Carney

Are you retired or planning to retire soon? Do you still own a life insurance policy? We’ll give you some life insurance pointers on this edition of Project Wealth.

Long-Term Care and the Insurance Need

Robin Russo

Curious about long-term care insurance and if it is worth it? In this blog post, we answer common questions about long-term care insurance.

What It Means When Your Account Is “Insured”

Rick Rodgers

Deposit insurance depends a lot on what kind of account you have and what is actually held inside the account. You should under­stand how accounts are insured before you make a deposit.…

Not All Annuities Are Bad

Rick Rodgers

The high internal cost of annuities may be worth the price to fearful investors who may panic during a bear market.

Tips for Reviewing Your Life Insurance Needs

Rick Rodgers

The beginning of a new year is the time we all look for a fresh start. That’s why we make resolu­tions in hope our fresh start will carry through all year long.…

Should You Buy Pet Insurance?

Rick Rodgers

A client recently told me about an incident that happened with their six-month old boxer. The dog had suffered a broken leg and was treated at the University Of Pennsyl­vania School…

Medicare 101 – The Basics You Need to Know!

Rick Rodgers

One of the most complex issues you will face when you reach age 65 is what to do about Medicare. Medicare is the federal health insurance program available to older…

What To Do When a Relative Passes Away

Rick Rodgers

When my father died a few years ago my mother was overwhelmed by the many details that needed to be attended to during such an emotional time. My Mom was fortunate…