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What is a Money Script?

Patrick Carney

We all have different “money scripts,” or things we tell ourselves about money that impact our financial decisions. Becoming aware of these thoughts—and the impact they have on our spending and saving behaviors—is important as you plan for and enter retirement.

7 Steps to Take When You Inherit an IRA

Rick Rodgers

An IRA can be a wonderful account to inherit. However, the rules are complex and errors can be costly. There are some great tax advan­tages if you handle the inher­i­tance correctly.…

5 Ways to Close the Retirement Gap and Increase Savings

Rick Rodgers

Last fall The Washington Post reported[1] that 71% of American’s aren’t saving enough for retirement. The article was based on a national survey commis­sioned by Experian in collab­o­ration with Get Rich…

What Will You Do With Your Inheritance?

Lee Pelko

Inher­i­tances represent a fork in the road for benefi­ciaries with the stakes high for making a big mistake. Here are five tips to keep you on track.

Are We Ready for a National Sales Tax?

Rick Rodgers

The recent IRS scandal might end up having unintended conse­quences — a national sales tax. A switch from taxing income to taxing consumption could mean the end of the IRS altogether. A sales…