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From Roth IRAs and tax planning to medicare and market reflections, Rodgers & Associates has over twenty five years experience navigating financial planning and wealth management. Each of our Financial Planners have various insights into how to plan and prepare for a thriving retirement lifestyle.

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Phase 4 of the AGILE Retirement Journey

Ashley Duff

You’re finally retired but the journey is not over. There is still plenty of planning left to do. We will discuss what needs to be done in Phase 4 of your…

Phase 3 of the AGILE Retirement Journey

Christopher Hershey

Transi­tioning from work to retirement might be the biggest financial challenge people face. We’ll cover planning during Phase 3 of your retirement journey on this edition of Project Wealth.

Phase 2 of the AGILE Retirement Journey

Patrick Carney

Preparing for retirement might be the single biggest financial challenge most people face. We’ll cover planning Phase 2 in this episode of Project Wealth.

Phase 1 of the AGILE Retirement Journey

Jeremie Patrick

Did you know a critical phase of retirement begins 10 years out? We’ll go over what you need to do in phase one on this edition of Project Wealth.

AGILE Overview

Christopher Hershey

Retirement is a journey to be enjoyed over time, not a desti­nation. Chris Hershey will help you plan for your unique journey on this edition of Project Wealth.

Health Savings Accounts (HSA)

Mike Helveston

Did you know that a health savings account functions like an IRA at age 65? Mike Helveston shows you how it works on this edition of Project Wealth.

Estate Planning for Pets

Patrick Carney

Do you have a plan to provide for your pets after you’re gone? We’ll cover some estate planning tips for our furry friends on this edition of Project Wealth.

Choosing a State for Retirement

Erika Eckman

Did you know retirement income is not taxed by all states? We’ll help you determine which state is best for retirement on this edition of Project Wealth.

Investment Strategy

Lee Pelko

Should you sell when the stock market is high or buy more? We’ll help you plan an investment strategy on this edition of Project Wealth.

Medicare Premiums

Christopher Hershey

Did you know not everyone pays the same monthly premiums for medicare? On this edition of Project Wealth, Chris Hershey explains how to plan your finances to lower Medicare costs.

Trustworthy Adviser

Jeremie Patrick

Trust is one of those qualities that has to be earned. When it comes to financial advice trust is precisely what consumers are looking for. We’ll talk about how to…

Lower Income Taxes

Erika Eckman

Want to reduce your income taxes? Who doesn’t? We’ll help you plan your finances to minimize taxes on this edition of Project Wealth.

Life Insurance

Patrick Carney

Are you retired or planning to retire soon? Do you still own a life insurance policy? We’ll give you some life insurance pointers on this edition of Project Wealth.

Roth IRAs

Jeremie Patrick

Roth IRAs are a great way to save for retirement. But what if you have more money to contribute than is allowed in a Roth IRA? We’ll provide important retirement savings tips…

Taxes & Retiring in PA

Patrick Carney

Why is Pennsyl­vania considered a good state for retirees? The answer on this edition of Project Wealth.

Planning Estates with IRAs

Lee Pelko

People think that naming heirs in a will is enough. We’ll explain why adding them as benefi­ciaries on an IRA account is important on this edition of Project Wealth.

IRA Rollovers

Mike Helveston

An IRA can be a great way to save for retirement. When is it smart to roll over a 401(k) to an IRA? Get some tips on IRA’s on this edition of…