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Understanding Your Annuity Payout Options

Lee Pelko

The maturity of the annuity at age 85 may actually be a gift to annuity owners to further contem­plate their exit strategy of this tax-deferred investment.

Review Your Social Security Records

Lee Pelko

By accessing your Social Security records online, you can verify that your benefit infor­mation is correct, update infor­mation, and receive infor­mation on estimated benefits based on your antic­i­pated retirement date.

Is Your Adviser Worthy of Your Trust?

Lee Pelko

It’s not enough to connect with your financial adviser. Use these 10 questions to find a financial adviser you can trust with your finances.

Investment Strategy

Lee Pelko

Should you sell when the stock market is high or buy more? We’ll help you plan an investment strategy on this edition of Project Wealth.

Planning Estates with IRAs

Lee Pelko

People think that naming heirs in a will is enough. We’ll explain why adding them as benefi­ciaries on an IRA account is important on this edition of Project Wealth.