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Retirement Myths

Rick Rodgers

One of the most quoted retirement myths is that you should have less money in stocks as you get older.

Annuity Traps (Part 1)

Rick Rodgers

Annuities are probably one of the most misun­der­stood and misused financial instru­ments of all time. An annuity is a financial product sold by financial insti­tu­tions that is designed to accept and…

Consolidating Employer Retirement Accounts

Rick Rodgers

The average American will hold 11 jobs between the ages of 18 and 62, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2010). When you start a new job, you probably remember…

Prudent Withdrawal Rate

Rick Rodgers

Even if the proba­bility of success for a 4% withdraw rate is less than some thought, it’s still strong when your portfolio is monitored actively.

5 Keys to Financial Success

Rick Rodgers

Financial education is not empha­sized enough in our country. Unfor­tu­nately, evidence of our financial illit­eracy crystal­lized during the economic downturn that affected each and every one of us. Make it…

Avoiding an IRS Audit

Rick Rodgers

With tax season in full swing, the fear of receiving an audit notice from the Internal Revenue Service escalates. By avoiding high-risk areas and metic­u­lously checking all the infor­mation on…