Seminars - Rodgers & Associates

Expand your financial knowledge

We present educa­tional seminars as a compli­mentary service to our current and prospective clients and their guests. We welcome you to join us.

Due to restric­tions on gatherings, our seminars are going virtual via live Zoom meetings.

Here is what you need to do to partic­ipate:

  1. Register using this page or by calling us at 717–560-3800 – Regis­tration is required
  2. Set up a Free Zoom Account (zoom​.us), if you don’t already have one. Click ‘Sign Up’ and follow the instruc­tions.  You will need to enter your email address and set up a password before you can ‘attend’ the event.
  3. Look for your email on the day prior to the seminar with the Zoom meeting ID #, password, and further instruc­tions. At the scheduled meeting time, open Zoom and click ‘Join a Meeting’ to view the live presen­tation.

Upcoming Seminars