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Lee Pelko, CFP®, CRPC®

Lead Financial Adviser and Certified Financial Planner™ Profes­sional

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I enjoy the variety of challenges each client brings to the retirement planning process. Each client circum­stance is unique, which allows me to use my problem-solving skills and give tailored advice that helps clients fully embrace retirement.

Lee Pelko, CFP®, CRPC® has been a Rodgers & Associates’ financial adviser since 2004. Before her tenure at the firm, she was employed at Miller & Miller CPAs and began her finance career in 1992 as a tax adviser for H&R Block. She became an adviser because it presented the oppor­tunity to interact with people and use analytical math skills. Working at Rodgers & Associates gives her the ability to implement changes to improve efficiency and outcomes more quickly than she would be able to with a larger firm.

Lee believes that a big challenge facing retirees is under­standing the best way to draw income during retirement. Many people are comfortable spending their Social Security or Pension. The hard part is spending an appro­priate portion of their investment portfolio and coordi­nating minimum withdraw rules. The SECURE Act added to the complexity by changing the rules for withdrawals and benefi­ciary planning. Lee says there is nothing more satis­fying than helping her clients navigate the complexity of retirement in order to reach their financial goals.

In 2015, Lee assumed the respon­si­bility of Lead Financial Adviser at the firm based on her depth of knowledge and experience with complex retirement issues. She gener­ously shares her time and talent with the community and currently serves on the Investment Committee of the United Disabil­ities Foundation. She previ­ously served the community as a Board member of the United Disabil­ities Foundation, a member of the Lancaster Hospice and Community Care Planned Giving Council and as a student mentor through the Lilly Endowment Theological School Initiative to address Economic Challenges Facing Future Ministers (ECFFM) at the Lancaster Theological Seminary. Lee is a classi­cally trained pianist and resides with her husband in Lancaster County. When she is not using her problem-solving skills for her clients, you might find her studying the Civil War and visiting historic sites related to the conflict.

Lee shares one of many reasons why financial planners can be an important part of planning your retirement.

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