Our Fees & Pricing - Rodgers & Associates

Simple, Transparent Pricing 

As fee-only financial advisers, we are committed to acting as fiduciaries for our clients at all times. Our advisory fee is based on the value of each client’s assets under management, not any form of commission.

The fees for our service, including investment management range between 0.50% and 1.25% annually, depending on the size and complexity of each client’s accounts. Fees are charged quarterly in advance, based on prior end-of-period account values.

Rodgers & Associates Fees

A chart showing the fee percentage per range of investable assets. Clients pay one and a quarter percent on the first five-hundred thousand dollars, one percent on money between five-hundred thousand dollars and one million dollars, three-quarters of one percent on assets between one million and five million dollars, and one half of one percent on assets above five million dollars.
Amount of investable assetsFee percentage for assets in each range
up to $500k1.25%
more than $5M0.50%

Our advisory fee looks like a money-management fee because we base it on portfolio value. But our service is much broader than that. We manage invest­ments within the context of a client’s goals and consider all the resources available for reaching those goals. The fee is based on portfolio value so clients can feel free to call whenever they have a financial question or concern. Clients never get a bill for a phone call or meeting. We want our office to be the first place to call for guidance. Whether buying a vacation home, making a gift to children or charities, or evalu­ating insurance needs, we are in our client’s corner every day.

Additional infor­mation about our firm’s fees is included in the Fees and Compen­sation section of Part 2 of our Form ADV.