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Reducing Taxes on an Inherited IRA

Rick Rodgers

Have you recently inherited an IRA account? Did you know that the IRD deduction may help reduce the income tax you owe on taxable distri­b­u­tions? Income in respect of a decedent…

It’s Time to Review Your Trust!

Rick Rodgers

I met recently with a widow to review her finances and offer recom­men­da­tions on how she could improve her situation. The current low interest rate environment has caused problems for many retirees…

What To Do When a Relative Passes Away

Rick Rodgers

When my father died a few years ago my mother was overwhelmed by the many details that needed to be attended to during such an emotional time. My Mom was fortunate…

Estate Planning Considerations — Part 2 of 3

Rick Rodgers

In my last newsletter, I brought up the potential problems of leaving a large amount of wealth to your heirs. Many people who suddenly acquire wealth do not keep it very long…

When Is Your Beneficiary Not Your Beneficiary?

Rick Rodgers

A man enrolled in his company’s 401(k) plan and named his wife as the sole benefi­ciary of his account. Years later, his wife died and the worker updated his account to…

Planning for Pets

Rick Rodgers

My grand­mother had a lovable toy poodle she named Bopper. Bopper was her constant companion during the later years of her life. When my grand­mother passed away, there were no instruc­tions…

Annuity Traps (Part 2)

Rick Rodgers

Last month, we began a discussion of annuities. Specif­i­cally, the traps people fall into because they or their adviser don’t fully under­stand how annuities work. An annuity is an insurance product…