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Four Tricks to Being a Better Car Buyer

  1. Under­stand the true value of the car
    It is important to get the best price possible for your new car. The first step is to under­stand what the dealer paid for the car and then add on a reasonable profit margin. The internet is your friend in purchasing a car and www​.truecar​.com has made this task even easier. You can also download various car apps from sites such as www​.AAA​.com or directly from CarMax locations.
  2. Consider hiring a negotiator to drive down the price
    Price haggling can be a lot of work and may simply be something that isn’t appealing to you. But there are people who love to haggle, and today there are negotiators for hire. Check out www​.carbar​gains​.org or www​.author​i​tycbs​.com or search the internet to find somebody to do the dirty work for you. Take advantage of membership benefits available to you. COSTCO has estab­lished relation­ships with local car dealers and may be able to procure a better price for you. Let them know the best price you are able to garner and see if they can do better.
  3. Reduce your sales tax — Ask your dealer for a courtesy trade on your private car sale
    When you buy a new car from a dealer, the value of your used car trade-in is deducted from the new car price in order to determine what you owe in sales tax. If you plan to sell your current car privately, consider asking your new car dealer to do a courtesy trade to make your private car sale count. You will only pay tax on the difference.
  4. Inquire about insurance discounts
    Insurance costs are typically much more for new cars than used cars. Check with your insurer to see if the car you’re consid­ering is going to cost you more. If you are over 50, contact AARP at www​.aarpdriver​safety​.org to complete a refresher driver safety course that could net you a 5% discount on your insurance. See Rick Rodgers’ article on saving money on car insurance from Yahoo​.com.