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How To Avoid Paying Taxes Twice on the Same Income

Rick Rodgers

What’s worse than paying income taxes? Paying taxes on the same income twice. Before putting away your 2015 tax folder, make sure your return contained Form 8606 if you have…

What It Means When Your Account Is “Insured”

Rick Rodgers

Deposit insurance depends a lot on what kind of account you have and what is actually held inside the account. You should under­stand how accounts are insured before you make a deposit.…

Maximize Health Savings Account Tax Benefits

Rick Rodgers

The IRS announced the inflation-adjusted deduction limita­tions for annual contri­bu­tions to health savings accounts (HSA) beginning in 2016 through Revenue Procedure 2015–30. HSA deduction limits are updated annually to reflect…

Income Tax Traps: Don’t Let Them Trip You Up

Rick Rodgers

Whatever happened to tax reform? National news has been focusing on different issues recently but the effort to reform the tax code is far from finished. Unfor­tu­nately our two political…

Fiduciary vs. Suitability Standard

Rick Rodgers

Would you be surprised to learn the financial services industry doesn’t follow a uniform standard of care? The financial advice you receive from a bank, credit union, brokerage firm, or independent financial…

Tips for Reviewing Your Life Insurance Needs

Rick Rodgers

The beginning of a new year is the time we all look for a fresh start. That’s why we make resolu­tions in hope our fresh start will carry through all year long.…